Friday, September 26, 2008

Back in the US of A

Even though we were eager to get back to the states and get our boat properly outfitted, it was a bittersweet departure. We made some great friends and met some interesting people in Ensenada and will truly miss them!

After leaving the Coral at 4 am Wednesday with maracas shakin...(no not those maracas, the ones awarded by the D-Dock Fun Committee on Tuesday) we motored north for 10 1/2 hours through the dark and the fog. Travelling at about 6 knots per hour through the fog, we managed to avoid the tanker, the cruise ship and the fishing boats for 7 hours and as we approached the Coronado Islands the sun finally came out and we could shed our woolies.

The next couple of hours provided hot sun and actual boats to look at instead of fog banks ! What a concept! So, in true D-Dock fashion, we had to crank up the music and crossed into US waters dancing in the cockpit to Tony Bennett and "I Left My Heart in San Francisco".

Once in San Diego, we had to wait for about an hour at the Customs Dock for the official, who checked us into the country and we were released to go to our new temporary home at the Sun Road Marina on Harbor Island. Paul gave the locals a show by performing an absolutely perfect drive-by and 87 point U Turn in the fairway inbetween H and G docks checking out our new slip before backing in for the final docking. Way to Go Paul!

Tired, stinky and hungry, we showered and walked to a fabulous filet dinner nearby and crashed for a long winters nap! ~~Whew~~


jesseeka1978 said...

Paul looks very fetching in his sailing gear. Excited to hear that you guys are getting closer! Enjoy San Diego!

mlpayne12 said...

That must be Bandita! What a cutie...I would miss her too. Have a safe trip PZs!