Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bashing Home

They call it "bashing" because you are heading straight into the wind, waves and, often times, current. You had better have your crystal lashed down! (~Or at least the wine~).

Just when I thought we would get to spend a leisurely week catching up and visiting with our niece, things changed. This morning as I was working (yes, working) on my laptop in my jammies, someone knocked on the hull of the boat. It was a man Paul met earlier in the week who was a veteran at "Bashing North". He insisted that we go NOW while the "weather window" was open......so, quick like bunnies, we lashed down the wine and headed for Cojo Anchorage, a little cove just tucked in behind the infamous Point Conception...the Cape Horn of the coast. So, we anchored and waited for our mentor to give us the signal to beat feet (or waves) north as fast as our little boat could carry us while the "window" was open.

A little cove with safe harbor from the waves....

You know that little cradle rocking that babies enjoy? Well this was your evil sibling working the rock velocity! A seat belt would have been handy!! Left at 8 am for a long haul to Monterey. I have visions of the perfect storm from the stories I've heard. Don't change that dial for the next episode on "As the Dramamine Turns"....

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