Friday, October 17, 2008

Harbor Hop

We're getting to know all of the great harbors along the SoCal coast.

After Marina Del Rey for 3 days and sail repair, we left for the Channel Islands Harbor and the Pacific Corinthian Yacht Club. They graciously provided us with a reciprocal side tie right in front of their beautiful club. Channel Islands is a new harbor and has some spectacularly large yachts in their large bay. (Wonder what their fuel bill is?) We met a sailor just in from single handing from Hawaii in 40' seas and gale winds!!!! (I'll fly, thanks) Needless to say, he and his bride were celebrating the fact that he was alive with some good wine!

From there we were up early to get a "first-come" slip in Santa Barbara Harbor. Both days were calm, hot and almost lifeless....we were out there all alone! Except for these giants with names like Gina, Henry, Hogan, Hilda and Houchen... I think this is Houchen pictured here...

I took a picture of my good friend Oprah's house too....its on the hill.....

As we got closer to SB the kayaks and dinghy's appeared.
We're here to provision a few cases of Longboard's hot sauce and some good wine.

The evening sunset cruise was the best with our niece and her boyfriend. Here, we hope to get in a couple of days sailing, working (for me) and a couple of days just being slugs before the big bash to Monterey.

I think we're here for a couple of days, leaving on Thursday, maybe. Looking forward the 49er game tomorrow...I haven't seen one yet this year!!

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