Monday, October 13, 2008

Enuf is Enuf

Ok, after being thrashed around on Friday and Saturday nights, Sunday tricked us into thinking that all was calm..... Enuf is Enuf! We left today at 11 am in 4 ft seas ( in the harbor!) and headed back to the mainland for ANYWHERE that would be calmer. The seas grew ( increase the music here ) and the boat and people thrashed (more music) until..........(crescendo) all was calm.

Funny the way that worked..half way through the shipping channel, it was as if there were no winds ever, calm, 1 ft seas, sunny and warm.

Once in Marina Del Rey, we searched for the marked slip that was promised us by the Del Rey Yacht Club...back and forth....(you try that in a 46' boat)....back and forth and the one promised had a really pretty trawler in it. So the club bartender ( for those of you who don't know, they are really low on the totem pole) made an executive decision and assigned us a slip right in front of the yacht club. AND, lucky us, we scored on a Monday Night Football and Baseball gig with dogs, burgs, chicken and ribs that the club was Queing.

Why is it that you spend all day doing virtually nothing but you're sooooooooo tired when you get done? Another long winter's nap is in close view..... Tomorrow the sailmaker is meeting us in the dock to get us back sailing again.

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